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After all this time, we are finally happy to announce that Lost Technology’s coming soon page is now up on Playism and Steam! Be sure to add it to your wishlists!!

Lost Technology on Playism / Steam

What is Lost Technology?

Lost Technology is a simulation game in which over 100 characters comprising a total of 12 different factions battle to conquer each other’s territories. The faction chosen at the beginning will determine the conversations and events that occur throughout the game between the player and the other factions.

This war-based simulation game features three different phases of play.

  1. Phase One: Turn-Based War Strategy
  2. Phase Two: Real-Time Battle
  3. Phase Three: Story Event

Choose your faction, and conquer the land through strategic battles and diplomatic advances.


Important Information

This is a game has a large amount of story text for each playable faction. Ideally we would like to provide fully localized versions for each respective faction, however, the size and scale of the game meant that a full localization would be extremely difficult to provide all at once, and so only the three factions known as the Reinald Empire, Makan, and Álfheim are included in the English release.

It is possible to start with any of the other playable factions, but story events will not occur and only the simulation part of the game may be played.

The Japanese version still contains the currently available free version, all of the basic functions without changes, and all factions are included in full right off the bat. However, it will be distributed as a paid title due to adjustments made specifically for Steam and the addition of trading cards, etc.

We currently plan to look carefully at how this title sells (including sales within Japan) and will proceed with the localization of the remaining factions in accordance with the sales numbers. The remaining factions are set to be distributed as additional DLC in the future. Please stay tuned for more news regarding further details.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon, and help support Lost Technology to help us bring the full game worldwide.


Check out Lost Technology on Playism / Steam

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