Link: The Unleashed Nexus Explodes Onto Playism

Link: The Unleashed Nexus – $9.99

Go Toward The Sky


This single line mantra is what drives your character in Link: The Unleashed Nexus. You’ve awoken in a futuristic labyrinth named “Haven,” a prison that keeps its inhabitants locked down with Nexus Stones. Escape is the only thought that drives our amnesic protagonist. The way up is frought with peril, traps and danger, but the way is not impossible.


You have the ability to glide through the air, propelled by an unknown energy source. It’s helicopter-like movements: as long as you have energy, any direction is possible. You can recharge your thrust by simply landing on a solid surface, so a sequence of fly, touch and go becomes the method to get through tricky aerial spaces.


Jump off enemies, run through ruins and, no matter what, keep moving. Shatter the Nexus Stones that are binding the people’s spirit and bring true freedom to those who inhabit Haven.


Link: The Unleashed Nexus launches today on Playism, and is celebrating with a 10% discount (only $8.99) until June 25th. Grab it today and get ready to experience a whole different level of free running.


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