Life Goes On Now On Playism!

LIFE GOES ON ($12.99)

So do you have a thing for puzzles? For platformers? For death? (Should we be worried if you answered yes to that last one?) Then we have a great new game for you! Now released on Playism, we bring you the great Life Goes On with a very different look at how death and puzzles work in games.

Life Goes On plays with the morbid-comical theme of death and brings gamers a new take on dying in games. How many times have we gotten frustrated at dying in our games and having to return to the beginning just to start it all again? Now we can finally get past that frustration where death is not only encouraged, but also required. Need to get over a huge pit of spikes? Let’s impale your hero on it so that your next hero can use him as a stepping stone to get across. Isn’t that awesome?

Life goes on

This game uses the idea of life and death to spark an even bigger question. What is the value of life? At the moment, it’s to go and get that Cup of Life! Can you make it through all the puzzles on this platformer game, and sacrifice your heroes so that the next can find success? And don’t forget to find Jeff on every level!!

Find Life Goes On ($12.99) here!!


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