LiEat in the Humble Staff Pick Bundle!

Happy New Year! We are really excited to announce that LiEat has been selected for the Humble Staff Picks Bundle!!

Grab LiEat in the bundle now!


What is LiEat?

LiEat is a fascinating trilogy of JRPGs that were made in WolfEditor and captured the minds of thousands. It tells the story about a dragon, Efina, who travels the countryside with her multi-named caretaker/reluctant guardian. Appearing as a young girl, Efina has a unique, magical gift: when someone lies near her, the lie will manifest itself as a living monster. Efina then can consume the lie for strength and sustenance: she can eat food for fun, but only lies make her feel full. As she explores the world, she meets other dragons with interesting powers, discovers bizarre and terrifying mysteries, and finds out about her own history as well as her guardian’s.

After already surpassing 100,000 sales, we are excited to offer more people the fantastic chance to grab LiEat! In this year’s first Humble Bundle, you can grab LiEat in the $1 tier, not only will you be getting a great game, but you’ll be giving to charity! Why not grab a couple of copies for your friends too?

Check out LiEat on:

Humble Staff Picks Bundle / Steam / Playism / Humble Store

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