Let The Fear In: DreadOut Arrives On Playism!

dreadout Linda

DreadOut – $14.99

There’s nothing like a good ghost story, is there? The building of tension, the growing sense that something is unexplainable and just outside of sight, watching, menacing…it’s a great, spooky experience no matter where you’re from. If you’ve grown up with the terrifying hack-n-slash thrillers of America or the ominous, harrowing horrors of Japan, you can appreciate a scary story, no matter how it’s told. We’re thrilled, therefore, to bring the creepiest game from Indonesia directly to the front door of Playism.

DreadOut follows the story of Linda, a high school student who take a wrong turn with her classmates during a school trip and ends up in an abandoned city, unsure of how to find their way home and definitely sharing space with SOMETHING. Armed with only her cellphone, Linda must slowly unravel the story of what happened in this overgrown ghost town and try her best to escape, with or without her friends. The cellphone is a multipurpose tool, serving as a light source throughout as well as your main weapon against the spirits. You won’t be able to see the specters who are coming for you without viewing them through your phone’s camera screen, and only snapping a photo at the right time will send them away from attacking you.

dreadout smartphone

DreadOut is a seriously spooky experience, and I was fortunate enough to play it during daylight surrounded by coworkers. Even still, I found myself jumping constantly, and I’m pretty sure I sleep with my back to the wall now. It couldn’t be a better time for DreadOut to arrive: Halloween is nearly upon us, and why not follow up your spooky movie marathon with a ghoulishly disturbing game?

DreadOut is available starting October 30th on the English and Japanese sides of Playism. Besides the DRM free build, the game also comes with a bonus comic created by the guys of Digital Happiness. It’s a bit of a side-story for another unlucky family who ended up near the abandoned town. Though this is available as additional DLC on Steam, we’re happy to let it go for free as a treat for all Playism customers who buy DreadOut during it’s premiere week. In addition, we’re also throwing in the soundtrack absolutely free for those early purchasers as well! Oh, and the game comes with a Steam key. So, DRM free, Steam key and free manga. Sounds good? Wait until you see if you can sleep tonight, then get back to me.

dreadout horror

This Halloween is shaping up to be quite the terrifying adventure on Playism, so prepare yourself: DreadOut lands on All Hallow’s Eve!

DreadOut – $14.99

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