La-Mulana For Steam Out On April 15th! (Preorders Up Now, 10% Off)

That’s right! The wonderful Steam news we’ve been dying to tell you about is our Steam release date. We’ve hammered down an April 15th release date, and preorders are up on Steam right now! Preordering now will net a 10% discount, which will last until April 15th.

This Steam version includes:

– Over 60 achievements
– Big Picture Mode Support
– Cloud Save Support
– English, Japanese, Russian and Spanish Language Support

With the addition of achievements, big picture mode support and cloud saves, it’s a game worth playing through again, even if you’re Lemeza’s most seasoned companion. You can preorder the game right now at the following link: La-Mulana Preorder

We can’t wait to see NIGORO fans traverse the depths of La-Mulana one more time, and uncover all the devious achievements we’ve added to the game!

We have plenty more fantastic La-Mulana and NIGORO related news in the coming weeks, leading up to the Steam release of La-Mulana, so stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled.

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