La-Mulana 2 Out Now! (Backer info included)

Imagine a world where the videogame industry continued to evolve in 2D. That was the theme the perfectionists at indie developer NIGORO had in mind when developing La-Mulana 2, a Metroidvania-style “archaeological ruin exploration action game” that features sprawling ancient ruins, mind-boggling mysteries, and terrible enemies.

La-Mulana 2 is a sequel to La-Mulana, a hit release that sold over 500,000 copies. After four and a half long, arduous years the game kickstarted back in 2014 to the tune of $266,670 from 5,200 backers is finally complete. La-Mulana 2 may be a “Metroidvania” like other side-scrolling exploration series such as Castlevania and Metroid, but in a unique twist it has a strong emphasis on solving cunning puzzles through various cryptic hints.

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Ask, and it shall be given you.

Civilizations that lived in La-Mulana used the Eg-Lana ruins as a penal colony. There, a world vaster than you can imagine, and stocked with diverse locations, awaits you. Explore these mystery-riddled ruins leaving no stone unturned, and learn what secrets they hide.


Seek, and ye shall find.

Solve intricate mysteries with hints gleaned from tablets dotted around the ruins, and your adventurer’s intuition: everything from changes to the scenery, distant sounds, the strength of enemies, and the deadliness of traps are hints to the attentive. Bloodied walls and scattered bones are proof positive a trap lies in wait.


Wreak havoc, and the path shall be opened unto you.

Enemies will stand in your way at every turn, and neither the bosses, nor the regular grunts will go down without a fight. Watch their behavior carefully, discern their weaknesses and, above all else, never give up. A true sense of accomplishment will be yours for the taking.



It’s been five years since a lone archaeologist exposed the truth behind the La-Mulana ruins, said to have been the origin of all civilizations. The extensive collapse of the ruins hampered investigations into the aftermath didn’t stop the nearby villagers from turning the area ruins’ maw into a tourist spot.

The 7th Children who had guarded the ruins since ancient times were embarking on a new way of life when monsters began emerging from the ruins’ depths. The Mother that gave rise to these monsters had been completely neutralized, so how was this possible?

The village chief reached out to the father-son team that had investigated La-Mulana, but the pair was keeping a low-profile after having destroyed the ruins in the first place. Instead, Lumisa Kosugi, the archaeologist’s daughter answered the call.

The Eg-Lana ruins, a counterpart to La-Mulana that had long been used as a penal colony by civilizations cradled in the ruins, brims with “hostility”, “hatred”, and “rage”…

Does Lumisa truly stand a chance of solving the mysteries of the Eg-Lana ruins?



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Backer Information

All the available rewards have been sent out to all backers. However, due to all our focus spent on development, we are really sorry to say that some rewards will be delayed until post-release.
We are planning to ship other rewards as they are completed and hope that you enjoy the game in the meantime.

For now, La-Mulana 2 Game, La-Mulana 1, La-Mulana 1 OST and the in-game costumes are available. Other rewards will be coming later when they are ready.


Kickstarter Backers

All our Kickstarter emails have been sent out last Friday. Please check your Spam and Promotions folder to make sure you get the email.
These emails contain Steam keys only! If you want a DRM-Free version, please create a Playism account and email us with your Playism email address and username.
Please note that we will need to confirm you Kickstarter account, so email us from the email address you use on Kickstarter!


Playism Backers

You will automatically get your Steam key and DRM-Free build in your Playism Account. You can find this in the Add-Ons section of your Playism Game Library.
If you are having an issue locating your game, or if something isn’t working as intended. Please contact us.


Current Backer FAQ

1. I backed via Playism, where is my game?
Please check the Add-Ons section of your game library.


2. I want my DRM-Free version!
For Playism backers, this should already be in your account. For Kickstarter backers, email us, and we will add it for you.


3. Where is my Steam key in Playism?
Please click on the “Download” button. You’re key should appear then.


4. I haven’t received my email yet.
If you backed via Kickstarter, please check your spam and promotions folder. If you are a Playism backer, you won’t have an email as the game will automatically be added to your Playism Account.


5. I backed at ($15+) tier, do I get a Key?
Yes you do!


6. When will the Physical Rewards be ready? Will you contact me?
The physical rewards aren’t ready yet, and we can’t say when they will be yet. We WILL contact you when we need info from you though!


7. I haven’t had a response to my email yet!
Sorry, we are working through the emails as fast as we can. There is currently an overwhelming amount. We will do our best to answer them all before the release….


8. How can I make this easier? (Kickstarter Backers)
Please email us from the email address you use on Kickstarter, then also let us know your email address and username on Playism.


9. How can I make this easier? (All)
Please be patient and don’t bite please


10. Where is my DRM-Free / Steam Key / Reply etc.
We working on it, I promise. We are currently dealing with all your emails one by one (and there are a lot). Once the emails are clear, we will be adding DRM-Free copies to Playism Accounts (if it’s after the release, I’m sorry!)


11. My shipping address is wrong / I want to confirm my shipping address.
We haven’t collected any shipping addresses since the physical rewards are not ready to be sent. We WILL contact you for your shipping address when those rewards are ready.

Check out La-Mulana 2 now on:
Playism / Steam / Humble Store / GOG

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