Introducing Steel Sword Story – featured on NHK World!

Having started, initially, as an idea for a sample game to be included in Pixel Game Maker MV, Steel Sword Story will be coming to Steam as a full game, with the demo version available now.


This side-scroller 2D action game is being developed by 8bits Fanatics, the creator of the fatally difficult action title 1001 Spikes, using the game creation software Pixel Game Maker MV.



Steel Sword Story tells us the story of Azul, the swordsman, a former Imperial Knight who was banished from the kingdom after being falsely accused. With nothing left to lose – his status, his honor, and the woman he loves – Azul goes on a quest to face the ones that have done him wrong and save his kingdom from destruction, with nothing but his rusty, old steel sword.


The interest on Steel Sword Story has been consistently high since the announcement of the game. Its smooth mechanics and classic feel have players intrigued and curious to know more.



Steel Sword Story has also been featured in NHK World’s imagine-nation segment as a recommended game this week! Imagine-nation is a show that introduces Japanese pop culture to the world.


Check out the feature on NHK World’s imagine-nation website!


Download Steel Sword Story’s demo on Steam
and add Steel Sword Story to your wishlist!


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