Introducing Space Mouse

Mindware is back with another release on the Playism store.



Space Mouse, like Cosmic Cavern 3671 that we released before, is an old arcade classic that was highly popular in Japan’s video game early days. It is now celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Takanari Suzuki, one of Japan’s first star game designers, created Space Mouse, a maze like game which demands speedy reactions and fast fingers; a key example of an early vertical scrolling video game.



Space Mouse follows Alice, a Space Cat, who is racing to the top of the building before her oxygen runs out. But she must get up there without the vicious Space Mice catching her.  Sadly there is no down here, so you have to plan your moves and do you best to avoid death.



A variety of power-ups allow Alice to punch through the walls in her path, and send the rodents flying.

Despite a simple concept and gameplay, Space Mouse has a strong foundation in core qualities which keep the player coming back for more, determined to make it higher.



Get Space Mouse ($4.99 $4.39) on Playism now

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