Introducing NZXT and the YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- Giveaway!

Kicking off the release of YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- Ver. 2.0, we are also partnering up with NZXT to bring you all a fantastic giveaway!

Win a free copy of YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- Ver. 2.0!


NZXT, Cases, Cooling, and Accessories for PC Gamers and Builders.

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Since launching their first product in 2004, NZXT has delivered affordable premium cases that enable gamers to build the extraordinary. In fact, it’s their track record of creating products that embody our commitment to imagination, craftsmanship, and value which have built trust with the gaming community and have won our cases, peripherals, and accessories a passionate following.

If you have ever visited a Playism booth at any American Game Show, you will have seen some of the amazing possibilities with NZXT PCs!


What to Check Out – Introducing the H-Series

Check out the H-Series!

The entire H-Series showcases NZXT’s vision for modern PCs and includes form-factors from mid-tower ATX down to Mini-ITX. Each includes builder-friendly features like generous airflow, removable brackets for mounting fans and radiators, a patent-pending cable management system, signature PSU shroud and cable management bar, and a stunning tempered glass panel.

The i versions include NZXT’s CAM-powered Smart Device, delivering the digital fan control and RGB lighting features found on the HUE+ and GRID+. Effortlessly control the included RGB LED strips and pre-installed/pre-wired fans using CAM’s intuitive controls.


Check Out the YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- Ver. 2.0 Giveaway
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Discover NZXT’s H-Series now!

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