Introducing Her Story


Her Story, the critically acclaimed mystery game from Sam Barlow, has recently been added to the Playism Store.

Her Story centers around a woman who was interviewed 7 times by the police in 1994 regarding the disappearance of her husband. Dare we say murder?


You find yourself in front of an old computer with some basic instructions of how the system works. Sadly some of the clips appear to be missing, and its hard to tell what order the clips appear in. But with the ConerStone system, you can search for all instances of certain words.


By accessing this police database, you can search through each of the interviews using terms and topics which were discussed or hinted at. With different keywords, you may find more information than you thought. This can lead you down a rabbit hole of possibilities and mind boggling realizations.


Sit, explore and listen to the story unfold and you search through hints and clues to find out what really happened in 1994 and discover what the truth is behind “her story”.

Get Her Story On Playism Now ($5.99)

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