Introducing Hacknet

There’s something about the thrill of speed typing across your keyboard, analyzing the messages that come to you and reacting in ways that will never get you caught.

Of course this refers to hacking.



HackNet, which recently launched on Playism, captures this thrill and lets you lead your own thrilling hacking experience from the safety of your own PC.

One day you get a message, a hacker who created the most invasive security system in the world appears to be dead. Once 2 weeks had passed, his failsafe had kicked in, and it’s up to you now.



Follow the mysterious instructions from the automated emails as they direct you through the mystery of why the Hacknet-OS is so important and why it must never fall into the wrong hands.

This terminal-based hacking simulator takes you down a rabbit hole of unexplained commands and adventures. The real question is, are you ready to dive in?



Get HackNet ($9.99) in Playism now! 

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