Introducing An Octave Higher

Lose yourself in a novel length game that takes you on a journey into the magical world of Overture.

An Octave Higher ($11.99)

In a world where magic defines your social class, tension starts building in the background. Set against a backdrop of a brewing revolution. One student starts his research project on a near impossible challenge: using healing magic on inanimate objects. The idea is preposterous, but when he witnesses Elise, a poor factory worker, using her healing magic to try and fix a broken piano, he gains some faith in the study and takes her on as an assistant.

Follow their story in this Visual Novel as they each try to find their own meaning, being led astray and brought together multiple times. Will you be able to find all the different endings of this game? There are so many ends to this revolution, but we all know that there is only one true ending. Which one will you find?

An Octave Higher is a fantastic novel length Visual Novel with beautiful hand draw backgrounds and enchanting music all the way through. The characters are engaging and all unique, but you are the controller of their fate. Your choices can lead them to either happiness or doom. Which do you choose?

Get An Octave Higher Now for $11.99.



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