Introducing Alicemare

From the same creator as LiEat, comes Alicemare.

With no memories, Allen comes into the care of Teacher, a man with a mysterious aura who is constantly searching for something.
Within his care, you meet a variety of other children, each with their own dark past. On your first night, you hear rumors from the other children about sounds coming from upstairs at night. However, upon investigating it, you find so much more than you bargained for.



Falling headfirst into this rabbit hole-like adventure, discover the truths behind everyone’s pasts, and perhaps the key to your future…


Alicemare comes with a variety of aspects that bring the whole adventure to another level.

  • Multiple endings
  • Various twists on your favorite fairy tales
  • Dark themes
  • An adventure that gets deeper the more you look.


△○□× (Miwashiba)’s adorable exploration-adventure game is now available on Playism and Steam for $2.99!

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