In Space We Brawl And Link Updated!

Although people love getting Steam keys with their purchases, our bread and butter is and always will be DRM-free. Having a copy you can download at any time, on any machine, without needing to verify the file every time is what we all envisioned when Playism began. It puts trust in the hands of the user, and makes life more convenient overall. And, best of all, it puts confidence in us to deliver the best experience possible for the fans in terms of stability and compatibility. Here are just a couple updates that are rolling out today!
It’s been a couple months since the release of In Space We Brawl, and our feedback from fans has been quite positive. The idea of the couch-multiplayer space shooter is pretty nifty, and the full range of ships and guns has created an endless amount of re-playability. The stages have added levels of strategy and planning that must be balanced with split-second decision making and absolute assault from your friends and the AI. It’s a ton of fun, and we’ve decided to up the ante with an update from Forge Reply.
Having a controller is definitely the recommended way to play, but, for some, having the keyboard/mouse experience is best, or maybe (like me) you don’t have FOUR controllers sitting around. Now the keyboard and mouse combo can easily fill in one player, enabling for more playback and easier navigation when you want to just play against the AI and don’t feel like rummaging around for your controller.
The next big update comes for Link: The Unleashed Nexus. We’ve been selling this atmospheric action/escape game since June, and were very pleased to deliver Steam keys to users as a surprise bonus just last week! Opening up Link to Steam has allowed for a wider range of feedback, which has resulted in the next patch. There have been general stability fixes applied, and the HUD has also been overhauled to make your escape experience that much more pleasant. If you’re playing Link exclusively on Steam, the issue with achievements not unlocking properly has now been fixed.
For those of you with the games on Steam, these updates should already have been downloaded and applied. If you are playing exclusively through Playism, go ahead and re-download from our servers to have the updated version, piping hot! Be sure to double check your save files before copying over, lest you lose all that progress of brawling and unleashing with an errand unzip. If you’re uncertain of the save file location, be sure to send us a customer support email and we’ll help you out!
If anything else comes, we’ll be sure to let everyone know right here on Playism! There are bound to be big announcements with PAX just a day away, so who knows what will be revealed…

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