I Need To Take A Bathroom Break, Stay Here For A Moment!

Please, Don’t Touch Anything – $4.99


Covering for a co-worker who went to the bathroom. One simple instruction, and a test of your own self-control. Failure to do so will result in…something.

Playism is proud to present the indie hit Please, Don’t Touch Anything. The flagship game from Four Quarters, PDTA is a unique and enigmatic trip into the world of one person who’s got a very unique problem in front of them: don’t push this button.
Have you ever been expressly told not to do something? Doesn’t it make you want to do it once, just to try it? That’s exactly where you are now. What happens if you push the button? We can’t be sure, but it’s something.
Japanese audiences have been absolutely clamoring for this game to come into our storefront, and I’m terrifically excited that Playism-Games receives it as well! It makes me think Black Box and Papers, Please had a child that is willfully disobedient and endlessly entertaining. I’ve tried the game four or five times now and gotten a different ending with each iteration. It’s seriously addicting.
If you’ve been holding off, there’s never been a better time to try! Playism is happy to offer a DRM free version of Please, Don’t Touch Anything available anywhere. Being able to get this intriguing game down from the Playism cloud and running it offline at any time is pretty awesome. And if DRM free just isn’t your thing, don’t worry: Steam keys are also included at no additional charge!
We’re running a 15% discount for launch week, meaning you can pick up PDTA for just $4.24. Grab it today and find out what happens if you do (or don’t) touch anything!

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