i-20000 launches at a 10% discount!

What’s the main difference between the waters below and the heavens above? One is filled with alien beings that we cannot see with the naked eye and must use echolocation to even find, much less see.

The other is the ocean.
In i-20000, take your space submarine far beyond the reaches of current space travel to the Ether Ocean, where humanity’s vessels are under constant attack by strange, deadly beings. You’ve got plenty of firepower, but the biggest tool is your sonar. Using ping technology, discover where enemies are coming from and eliminate them with an interstellar torpedo before they even get on screen. The torpedoes can only be fired one at a time, so line up your shot carefully, otherwise you might find yourself overwhelmed before you have time to blink.

Designed in just three weeks by three developers, i-20000 takes all the great things about horizontal shooters and gives a fantastic twist with the off-screen sniping and an 8-bit ambient soundtrack. And don’t worry: all orders of the game come with the soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC absolutely free.
Dive in and save mankind!

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