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For many of you, BreakArts has been a new and engaging fixture on your phone/tablet for the last month.The competitive nature has driven people to run, dash and destroy the opposition across continents, vying for a first place rank and the chance to get customizable parts for their mech. It’s addicting, and players around the world have stepped up to make the environment one of constant battles and races.
If you’re looking to step up your BreakArts game, here are a few important tips to remember!




It might seem like a strong move to try and balance your mech equally between racing and battling, and, if you can get it just right on the razor’s edge, you become a truly formidable foe. If, however, you’re like me and keep finding yourself hamstrung by either being too weak or too slow, just pick a form and max it out. The bullets will never reach you if you’re faster than the opponent can think. And it won’t matter how fast they are if you can one-shot cripple them! This might seem like an overly simplified approach, but the core idea is solid: do what you do best and let the victories come.




Touch screen options, like kilts and teacup poodles, are not for everyone, no matter how great they seem. Thankfully, BreakArts has Bluetooth and MFi support right out the box! If you’ve been finding your game just not where you’d like it and you blame your obscured vision, grab a controller and give it a whirl with tangible sticks and buttons. I personally go with the Moga Rebel, but nearly any controller with two sticks will do the trick!




This one might seem obvious, but your online matches will not go smoothly if your ping time is terrible. BreakArts works great on the go, but dropping into a tunnel, a forest or under the ocean will disrupt your cellular connection. If you live in the countryside or Sealab, please consider connecting to the wifi to maintain a steady stream of destruction, and to make sure your opponent doesn’t take advantage of your internet situation.




Patient? Yes, patient. You see, BreakArts is expanding all the time, with a bigger and bigger player base daily. But there still isn’t a never-ending queue of people waiting to play, and you might need to relax and wait a moment until your opponent gets matched with you. Therefore, plan out your play accordingly. Only have six minutes until you need to jump out of the plane for your skydiving lesson? Maybe an offline game against the AI is a better fit. Got a half hour on your lunch break and already finished snarfing your Hot Pocket? Then wait for a pairing and let the carnage roll! Playing against other people is much more satisfying than the computer, every time.


If you’ve got any other great tips for BreakArts, be sure to Tweet them to us, or leave a note on our Facebook page! Find beauty in the destruction, and fight on everyone!

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