Help Playism At Pax Prime!

We want YOU to come and be Playism!
I know what you’re thinking. You love Playism. You love our amazing selection of games, top tier customer service, witty social media presence and nightly Who concerts (we’ll talk). More than anything, you want to do MORE to help Playism. You’ve tried swimming to Japan, but alas, it’s simply too far, and there are ample sharks. So what’s a gamer to do?
We at Playism are looking for someone to help us with the most honorable of gaming endeavors: booth work at PAX Prime. We’re bringing great stuff from Japan all the way to Washington to promote the games we’re showcasing, La-Mulana 2 and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. Our amazing merchandise needs a smart, savvy someone from the Western Hemisphere to supervise and make sure it gets into the hands of all the awesome folk who’re going to be in Seattle! Do you think you’re that special someone? Consider the following:
Can you be in Seattle for August 28th-31st? That’s going to be a big one.
Do you mind selling merchandise from 10am to 6pm? That’s when we’ll be merching.
Can you send us a copy of your resume/CV to Playism Contact? I know you can, I believe in you.


Do you look good in yellow? This will be relevant later.
Do you like money? You’ll get paid! In money!
We need to hear from people by August 18th so that we can get everything sorted. The sooner, the better! If you have any questions, hit up the contact form above (or at the top of the page) and we’ll answer any/all questions you have.
Only a couple weeks till PAX! Can’t wait to see everyone there!

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