Halloween Sales on Steam – Up to 80% off!

The Halloween Sales have kicked off!

We have the majority of the Playism catalog on Steam on sale this season to help everyone find a game to play this spooky holiday (whether you enjoy horror or not!).

If you are looking for some great horror games ranked by horror-tolerance level, check out our list of horror games in our blog.


We also just released Misao: Definitive Edition for Halloween, so don’t miss out on that sale either!

Misao: Definitive Edition

Enough of the news, lets check out the sales!
MEMENTONightCryAngels of DeathAlicemareThe Silver CaseMad FatherFuturidium EP DeluxeIn Space We BrawlMagic Potion ExplorerHacker's BeatMeadowlandGarden TaleStarchaser: Priestess of the Night SkyGunhound EXNEO AQUARIUM - The King of Crustaceans -Artifact AdventureMagical Battle FestaYukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy TaleDungeons & DarknessWITCH-BOT MEGLILOAwareness RoomsMurasakiD4: Dark Dreams Don’t DieGOCCO OF WARStar SkyLa-MulanaKero BlasterMitsurugi Kamui HikaeREVOLVER360 RE:ACTOROne Way HeroicsOne Way Heroics PlusAn Octave HigherAce of SeafoodRosenkreuzstiletteBranching PathsAstebreedUnholy HeightsVertical Strike Endless ChallengeHelen's Mysterious CastleForget Me Not: My Organic GardenLost Technology1bitHeartA Healer Only Lives TwiceLiEatMomodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight


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