Hakoniwa Explorer Plus Gets a Release Date!

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus is set for release on June 5th!


What is Hakoniwa Explorer Plus?

Get ready for a voxel art action game featuring an unprecedented level of freedom!
A whole range of cute girl monsters are waiting to punch, kick, wrap you up, suck your blood, and eat you right up.

Approach a villager from the front and make contact with them to start a conversation and acquire info on dungeons. Search the world map using the info you’ve acquired to discover dungeons and gradually increase the size of the searchable area.
Cool things may happen if you can defeat the various area bosses and stack up your achievements…

Comment from the developer, Suxa:

This is Suxa (suxamethonium), creator of Hakoniwa Explorer Plus .
Originally, this was never intended to be made into a game, but as I went along adding all sorts of new elements and stuff, at some point it kinda became the kind of game that lots of people could enjoy.
Then I somehow got a publisher attached, and now it seems the game has actually managed to make it out to market, which is unbelievable.
I appear in the game myself, so if you like, please come find me and say hi.

The game will be available on PLAYISM and Steam for $9.99, with a 10% off sale planned for the first week of launch.

Additionally, we’re also proud to announce the release of the game’s full soundtrack, including all 37 tracks by the great Tatsuyuki Yoshimatsu, for $4.99 – also available in a bundle with the game itself for a 10% discount!

Check out Hakoniwa Explorer Plus now:
Playism / Steam


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