HackNet Labyrinths Out Now

HackNet Labyrinths is now live on Playism!

HackNet Labyrinths is a major expansion to HackNet, adding a brand new 3-4 hour chapter to the game. You can read our last blog post for an introduction to HackNet.


In this new DLC, you get hired by the mysterious Kaguya to join a small team of elite hackers on the hunt for powerful new tools and programs. But just because you are all part of the elite, doesn’t mean that working together is going to be the smoothest, especially when each heist gets more complex and dangerous each time. Communicate with your team members through IRC and work towards joint goals. Are you able to be a great team player?

Get the job done in Labyrinths with brand new tools and features – such as the Memory Analyzer, a feature that allows you to perform a memory forensics on RAM. New programs, networks and UI themes expand the secrets you are able to uncover in the original game.


The DLC is now available on the Playism store, along with the brand new HackNet Labyrinths Soundtrack! Grab it during the sales now!

Hacknet – $9.99 $6.69
Hacknet Labyrinths – $6.99 $5.59

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