Hacker’s Beat Now On Steam

Hacker's Beat

Hacker’s Beat – $9.99

The hack has been unleashed on Steam!
Hacker’s Beat has been enjoying its time on Playism, but we realize that not everyone likes their games DRM-free. Steam makes things shiny and spiffy and conveniently allocated, we get it! Therefore, starting today, you can pick up Hacker’s Beat right through your local Steam client. Rejoice!
The Steam version is currently the most up-to-date build, and includes a total of 38 achievements to unlock. Moreover, when TEAM TANDS PLUS implements new songs and the upcoming edit mode, you’ll get the push update automatically. This is a great chance to not only rack up a ton of achievements, but it also makes it easier to let your friends know about Hacker’s Beat in general. It can be difficult to specifically remember to tell people about the new game you’re playing, but, when it just pops up in their dash that you’re playing a new game they’ve never heard before, they can click and find out more instantly. Technology is terrifyingly cool!
If you have already purchased Hacker’s Beat through Playism, you will, of course, find a shiny new Steam key waiting in your library to do with as you please. I recommend doing what I did: register the Steam key on your main computer and copy your DRM-free to a laptop or tablet for offline practice. They keyboard is a bit smaller, but the hack still goes off smoothly. By which I mean I’ll be lucky if I don’t get carpal tunnel before the weekend.
Enjoy the Beat!
Steam page – http://store.steampowered.com/app/363650/
Playism page – http://playism-games.com/game/218/hackers-beat

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