Hacker’s Beat Huge Update!

Hi all

After a long time, we are finally able to announce the new updates for Hacker’s Beat!

To start with, Hacker’s Beat has some new songs from some other Playism titles!

2 songs from Croixleur Sigma can be found in game now. They are adorable and fun to play through. The game itself is also great fun, so make sure you check out both.

Next we have a song from Doodle Ninja. Now this might come to a surprise to a lot of you since you all probably haven’t heard of this game before. You can find it in our Japanese store, and we are looking into bringing it to you guys in English. So if you enjoy the song in Hacker’s Beat, make sure you stick around to learn about Doodle Ninja when its ready for English!

Then, we have the most exciting news: EDIT MODE!



Now you can grab your keyboard and your favourite music and mix the two together in a hacking-rocking experience.



Make sure you redownload Hacker’s Beat from your Game Library to get these new updates. You should now find a PDF in your files explaining how to use the new edit mode.

Or you can check the manual here.

We hope you enjoy it!

Hacker’s Beat ($9.99)

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