Gobliiins Trilogy Coming To Playism This Wednesday

We dropped a hint on our Twitter yesterday about a point-and-click adventure series coming to PLAYISM this week, and we’re happy to be able to announce that the series in question is Gobliiins! Famous for its off-kilter humor and devious puzzles, the Gobliiins series began life as an adventure game developed and published by adventure game maker Coktel Vision.

While Coktel Vision was an unknown in most parts of the world, the French company enjoyed some success in Europe through the 1980’s. When Sierra On-line acquired Coktel Vision in 1993 and began distributing their titles in the United States, they gained a fair bit of noteriety, and the Gobliiins series itself gained quite a cult following.

The first Gobliiins title was unique among the many adventure games Sierra already had in its arsenal. Not only did it sport a unique art style quite different from Space Quest, King’s Quest, or Police Quest, but it charged players with controlling three characters at once. Puzzles and mysteries were confined to a single screen, asking that players do all that they can at a given location before moving forward.

Gobliiins 3 departed from the three character rule, but kept the game’s trademark humor, art style, and single screen puzzle rooms. Controlling a single character was more in line with adventure games of the day, but the puzzle logic was still uniquely Gobliiins. Some object only exist in the world as a gag, and serve no purpose to the story’s progression.

Gobliiins Trilogy includes the first three games in the series, DRM-free, and will be available on PLAYISM tomorrow, for $4.99.

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