Heartfelt Rhythm Adventure Giraffe and Annika PC Version Release Date Confirmed! February 18th Simultaneous Worldwide Release!

Indie game publisher PLAYISM is proud to announce the worldwide release of Giraffe & Annika – a game created by atelier mimina – on February 18th.

Giraffe & Annika is a deeply emotional yet action-packed game developed by atelier mimina with the publishing support of UNTIES. After long discussion, it was decided that a collaboration with Japan’s oldest indie publisher, PLAYISM, with its uncanny ability to adapt and grow with the rapidly changing world indie market, would best enable a global release of the largest possible scale.

Giraffe & Annika Game Overview

With the magical fusion of Unreal Engine’s 3D graphics and 2D effects with an added dash of comic-like art, it almost feels more akin to a short film than a standard video game. Immersed in the island’s seamlessly realized 3D graphics, manga-reminiscent animations, and alluring theme song, Annika meets Giraffe in this mysterious land that changes and fluctuates beautifully with time. Will Annika be able to unravel the mysteries of the island and recover her lost memories?


  • PC ver. Release February 18th, 2020
  • Languages EN/JP/CN (Trad. & Simp.)
  • Middleware Unreal Engine 4
  • Developer atelier mimina
  • Publisher PLAYISM

The World & Characters of Giraffe & Annika




Deep in a dream, Annika awakens on the mystical island of “Spica”, where she encounters a young boy named Giraffe. Giraffe claims to know her, but Annika can’t seem to remember… Giraffe asks her to find and collect the three Star Fragments scattered across the island. While searching for the Star Fragments, Annika encounters Lily the Forest Witch deep in the “Mysterious Forest”. After defeating Lily in a showdown, Annika inadvertently absorbs the Star Fragments into her own body.

Annika loses consciousness and has a certain vision… As she explores the island, she gradually regains her memory.

Just what awaits Annika once she succeeds in unraveling the island’s hidden secrets?

Product Information

English Trailer:

Title:                 Giraffe & Annika (PC Ver.)
Official Website:
Developer:         atelier mimina
Publisher:          PLAYISM
Release Date:     February 18th, 2020
MSRP:               $19.99 (incl. tax)
Genre:               Heartfelt adventure & rhythmic action
Platform:            Steam
Languages:        English/Japanese/Chinese (Trad. & Simp.)
Copyright Info:   ©Copyright 2020 atelier mimina. ©Sonica Inc. All Rights Reserved.
*Nintendo Switch/PS4 releases planned for 2020.

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