Getting Ready For Gocco #2: Face/Off/On/Swap

When it comes to any kind of online environment, it’s so important to make sure that you can stand out in some way. Gone are the old times of Ultima Online, where every character was just a shade away from another. People want to make sure their character or avatar can really appear in an expressive way. Thankfully, GOCCO is here to accommodate!
Right from the start, you’ll find that character creation in GOCCO is more robust than some. Boys and girls alike have a variety of hair styles and facial expressions to choose from, as well as a ton of color variants for hair, eye and skin color. You can get anywhere from as close to real life as possible to completely and utterly otherworldly. GOCCO is meant to be a great place to play and explore; why not do it in a way that’s fresh, fun and totally original?
There’s no worries about short names here in GOCCO, either. We’ve all felt the pangs of trying to fit in our name, but then getting limited to five or six characters. Bryan is a lucky name, but my brother, Geoffery, never had a chance (and don’t even ask him to go by Geoff). GOCCO, however, is twenty full characters of name and symbol input. Does it show up on your keyboard? Then good news, that’s your name! You can be creative and put in symbols or even Japanese characters (but please try and make it pronounceable).
And don’t feel that the character you create at the start is going to be who or what you are for your entirety in GSJ. GOCCO has you covered on two fronts. For one, there’s plenty of slots available for multiple character creation. Don’t limit yourself to just one: have a different avatar for every day of the week! Maybe have a great, happy character called “Bryan” for when you just want to adventure, and then one called “Reaper” for if you’re having a bad day and just want to destroy everything.
Additionally, the characters can be redesigned on the fly. If you’re in the lobby, outside of a mission, you can change everything about your character all over again (except the sex). Let your hair down or up. Go from a blonde to a…blue…hair…person. Everything you set up at the beginning can be swapped at the drop of a hat, making for a fully versatile and fun environment!
Lastly, your character can be accessorized in a ton of different ways as well. The weapons that your character carries are interchangeable AND up-gradable. From the original handgun, you can swap to a machine gun, a rocket launcher and a couple other surprises. The air blade you initially have also changes to a couple other melee weapons. Those weapons can THEN be leveled up and modified at the Craft Shop in the lobby, making them more powerful and have different properties! Want a gun that brings down lightning with each shot, like a demented Thor? You can do that! Eventually!
For a more aesthetic change, the clothing and outfits of GOCCO can also be changed with a good variety out the gate. From summer to winter outfits, a new GOCCO character has a small choice of attire at the beginning and, as you collect more materials and items, you can create brand new shirts, bottoms, hats and facial wear. Eventually, special hair styles and masks that emulate some of the NPCs you encounter will be available through the shop! Pull a full Mr. Ripley and become the character you enjoy the most, but don’t follow through on the creepiness, because those options don’t exist in GOCCO.
I could go on and on about the different looks and facial expressions, but I want to save SOMETHING as a surprise for when people get into the game. I hope you’re as hyped as I am: there’s only a week left to launch!

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