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Hacker’s Beat – $9.99

The year was 1995. Windows had just upgraded in a big way to completely overtake the home PC market. Steffi Graf and Pete Sampras made us collectively give up on tennis for the next decade. And, somewhere in Hollywood, a young Angelina Jolie would bring about the world’s eye to a most potent and terrifying concept: hacking. Yes, through the miracle of movie magic, people young and old would realize that oil rigs were exclusively controlled by poorly-guarded firewalls, and only a plucky band of teenage misfits could ever hope to defeat the Indian scientist from Short Circuit.
Why do I bring this all up? Because that’s the wonderfully crazy feel of Hacker’s Beat. This amazing rhythm game gives you the ridiculous idea that smashing your keyboard in time to funky music is what will finally hack the mainframe. For those of you who enjoy a good challenge, don’t think that just errantly hitting the keys will grant you success: it’s more like frenzied piano work than anything. Plus, the soundtrack is really driving: the 15 tracks with the initial release offer a good variety of sounds. I’m personally a huge fan of FRAUD FUNCTION and Script Dive, as they both play into some of the faster BPMs.

I say initial because Hacker’s Beat has some great updates on the horizon already. The developers, TEAM TANDS+, are busy trying to get an edit mode instituted within the game. This means that, when the time is right, you’ll be able to take your own songs and create Hack Beats for them! Wanna try and hack to cool jazz or rockabilly fusion? That could be your future! I kind of want to take some tracks from Zack Parrish and see how well they format in this kind of game. I have high hopes.
Not only that, but Hacker’s Beat will also soon be coming to Steam! Which means, of course, your DRM-free purchase today nets you a bonus Steam key soon! What does that mean for Hacker’s Beat? Steam Workshop? Achievements? Cards?!?! We can’t be totally certain, but I do know that there’s already been quite a bit going on behind the scenes (the devs are quite hush hush). Nevertheless, the future is bright, neon and full of possibilities!
You can pick up Hacker’s Beat today at an exclusive 10% launch discount until September 11th, making it only $8.99. The Steam key will be added as soon as it’s ready, so grab it and step up your hacking game: you gotta be 1337 to run with these street samurai! Don’t get caught in a snowcrash, download Hacker’s Beat today!
Hacker’s Beat – $9.99

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