Garden Tale Coming Soon – Introducing the Skills

Garden Tale’s release is slowly approaching, and we are giving you all a sneak peek today.

Garden Tale is a 2.5D simulation RPG with a focus on strategy. The story delves into the conflict between Garden Kingdom and Zoo Empire, when Zoolians invade the Garden Kingdom with no warning.

In our last post, we talked about the strategy of using bonions. This time, we will explore some of the skills that the various characters can learn.


Rainbow Shower: Restores 50 stamina points to your surrounding allies

Skills require Stamina, and the higher level the attack, the more stamina you will need. This will be a great base skill to keep in your party, as it will boost your attack power against your enemies.


Change Bonion: Randomly changes the targeted bonion

With the bonions playing a crucial role in the strategic battles in Garden Tale, having the ability to change the type of bonion can make or break your whole operation.

Bonion Roll: When attacking with a weapon, bonion is knocked back until it collides with an obstacle

Knocking bonions into your enemies will be a great way to take them down. This way you can also avoid the blast radius. Use this carefully, and keep in mind that bonions only explode after 3 normal attacks.


Blast Guard: Reduces explosion damage by 50%

If you can’t get out of the blast radius of a bonion, upping your guard is the best way to go. Blast Guard won’t protect you completely, but it will leave you standing while your enemies fall.



Blast Arrow: Inflicts massive damage on units within the range of a cross

Getting as many enemies at once will save you a lot of stress in a battle. The more you can take out at once, the smoother your victory will be. This Blast Arrow now only allows you to fire it at a distance, but also will attack all enemies caught in the range of a cross.


This is around 10% of all the skills available in the game. Choose your party member and skills carefully, and you will be able to defeat any enemy you face.


Garden Tale is coming soon to  Playism and Steam! Add it to your wishlist now, and stay up to date!

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