Game Update Galore!

Hi all

We have had quite a few big updates recently on our games, so here is a brief run down on what has been updated.


Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight

  • Added Chinese into the game.


Neverending Nightmares

  • Improved branching points in the game to make it easier to reach all the different endings.
  • Fixed numerous glitches
  • Now has a fallback DirectX renderer on Windows for users that were having problems with OpenGL



Quite a number of updates here, all for the 1 year anniversary of the game!

New Features:

  • Map-specialist AI type (AI that learned from the best players)
  • 2 new skirmish/multiplayer maps (High Ground and Segregation)
  • Weekly and Daily best player leaderboards (Players with the biggest increase in ELO during these periods of time)
  • Color blind modes (protanope, deuteranope, tritanope)
  • Italian translation
  • French translation
  • Replay code now visible in replays (For easier sharing)

Fixes, Improvements and Changes:

  • Player wins when opponent has no domain left
  • Snipers and Destroyers spawn uncharged when made in a Foundry
  • Improved multiplayer for Linux users
  • Fixed crash when loading too many replays
  • Replays start at the point where both players have moved Improved menu graphics



Make sure you stick around for all the other Playism news!

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