Four Japanese Indie Titles, Including Astebreed, Coming To PS4 And Vita

Hi everyone! My name is Nayan Ramachandran, the Marketing Manager for Playism, and I’m really excited to bring some awesome news to PlayStation fans everywhere.

Playism has been working hard over the last four years to bring awesome Japanese indie games to gamers everywhere, and we’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re going to be bringing four awesome Japanese indie games to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this year.

First up is the gorgeous arena action game, Croixleur Sigma by Souvenir Circle.

In Croixleur Sigma, you choose from one of four young female warriors, each representing a faction in the land of Ilance. Each one has been chosen to participate in the Adjuvant Trial, where they do battle through a multi-level tower in hopes of winning military authority and the honor of protecting the queen.

Croixleur Sigma is, at its core, high octane slash-’em-up action. Before heading into the tower, you can choose your character and four different swords to take with you.

With tons of weapons to unlock, each with their own unique special attack, you can customize your fighting style by choosing the weapons that fit you best, whether it’s blistering fast pokes, slow, powerful slashes, or a mix of both.

For veteran action fans, Croixleur Sigma also includes all the features you expect out of a fast paced character action game, including Move Cancelling and Invincible Dashing. You’ll need all you can get, too. The tower is a dangerous place.

Croixleur Sigma is slated to release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The next game we’re releasing is TorqueL, a physics-based side scrolling puzzle game developed by

You play a particularly well-dressed gentleman inside of a box. You can roll your box around the environment by pushing the left stick in the appropriate direction, but without the ability to jump, getting over pits or up hills is going to be a challenge.

Luckily, you have a trick up your magnificent sleeves. Each side of the box is mapped to a face button, and pressing said button extends that side. Using momentum and gravity, you’ll soon be flying through the air and making your way to the goal in style.

TorqueL is set to release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The third title we’re bringing to PlayStation is the weird and wonderful Prismatic Solid by YO1 KOMORI.

In Prismatic Solid, players fly through vertical scrolling shoot-em-up stages populated by dangerous geometric creatures, protected only by the neon creatures that surround them. You’ll have access to a number of different firing modes to help you survive each stage, and as you pick up power ups from defeated enemies, the feelers on your neon buddies will grow in size, blocking you from the enemy onslaught.

Prismatic Solid is set to release on PlayStation 4.

The final title we’re bringing to PlayStation this year is a fan favorite: the award-winning Astebreed by Edelweiss.

Astebreed is a 3D rail shooter with a constantly shifting perspective that tells the story of humanity’s last stand against a cybernetic alien race bent on destroying other civilizations to preserve its own, and the one man that stands at the edge of extinction with his mechanized war machine.

Players take control of an advanced mech suit called Xbreed and take on hordes of cybernetic alien foes with a powerful sword in hand and lock-on lasers in tow. Using both weapons in tandem is essential to success, and it looks really cool, too!

In addition, the PS4 version of Astebreed includes extra content that we’ll reveal closer to release.

Astebreed is set to release on PlayStation 4.

That’s a whole lot of information in a short time! We’re really excited to be part of the PlayStation family, and we can’t wait until we can get these awesome games into your hands. We’ll have more information about release dates and pricing as we get closer to release!

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