Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden

Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden – $9.99

We grow a very special kind of fruit…


Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden is a unique and engaging game that we’re happily bringing to Playism soon. It’s genre-breaking on a lot of levels: it’s part simulation, part visual novel, part time management and wholly original. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve put over 50 hours into the game, making it the longest I’ve played anything that didn’t have “online” somewhere in the description.


You play the role of Organa, a doting apprentice in a very unique greenhouse/boutique. You grow organs. Actual, made of meat and designed for bodies organs. The master of the shop, Irene, explains that your shop serves a purpose just like any other, like a florist or a confectioner. As you soon find out, these organs have a variety of purposes, from helping along those who feel ill to breathing life into what previously had none. It’s compelling and strange, and somehow manages to remain endearing despite it’s potentially grotesque subject matter.


Forget Me Not: Organa


It’s your job to plant, water, harvest and generally maintain the balance of the greenhouse as you grow various “fruits” for customers and clients. The mechanics are simple, but the real charm of Forget Me Not is the storyline that weaves seamlessly in and out of quests. You slowly begin to piece together a much deeper world that revolves around the arcane and mysteries that cannot be answered until the very conclusion of the game.


Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden is like a beautiful flower: it takes time and care to cultivate it to full bloom, but the effort makes the final result all the more satisfying. Take a look at the store page and get ready: it’ll be open for business exclusively on Playism July 10th.


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