Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden Soundtrack

Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden has stolen the hearts of players all over the world since it released. With a dark concept told in a light-hearted style, enjoy the managing a garden of organs.


This visual novel crossed with a clicker game has drawn a lot of attention, garnering people to ask for the soundtrack. Which, we are excited to announce, has now been added to Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden for free! Also, a new music video has been created for the game.


For those of you who have been playing the DRM-free version from Playism, simply redownload your game in order to get the soundtrack.

For you that are enjoying it on Steam, simply let your game update and check the music section of your Steam library!



The soundtrack consists of 20 tracks from the game, including the Theme Song “Forget Me Not”.

We hope you enjoy the music!


Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden ($9.99)


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