Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden – New Scenarios and Mobile Release

Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden, the avant-garde organ harvesting tap game, is now available on the App Store and Play Store! Also, new scenarios have been added to the game on all platforms!

Organa is an apprentice living together with shopmaster Irene on the outskirts of a quiet village. While Irene’s shop is fairly small, it’s always bustling with customers. Organa also helps Irene out in the shop.

Organa’s main duty is to grow the shop’s merchandise in the greenhouse. It’s a busy job: watering each item, harvesting the goods, and generally rushing all over the place. Heartily growing in the array of pots are kidneys, hearts, and such. Basically, “organs”.

Organa works hard day in and day out in order to become a master organ harvester. Today, Irene’s busy shop is once again visited by some really far-out characters…


In commemoration of the mobile release, we have also updated all versions of the game (both PC and mobile) to add in some new post-ending mini scenarios.
Three new scenarios are now available to play in Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden.


Check out Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden now on:
Google Play / App Store
Playism / Steam



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