Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden Coming to Mobile!

The adorable Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden is back again, and will soon be releasing on the mobile platforms.

Add it to your wishlist now on Google Play / App Store.

My Organic Garden is an indie avant-garde organ-clicking game. Organa, the main character, is working as an apprentice at her master Irene’s shop. Irene’s shop is one that raises mysterious plants that grow organs, which are then harvested and sold to the villagers. In the game, you’ll quickly click the plants and tools on screen and deliver plenty of organs.

Irene’s requested organ deliveries are presented as quests. By completing a few quests, more customers will come, and the story will progress. Whether it’s to get Master’s praise, or to please the customer, click away and ship those organs!


Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden releases on mobile on April 23rd! Don’t miss out and wishlist it now!


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