Explore The Stars In Starchaser!


“In accordance with the ancient pact/path to the stars, reveal thyself.”


Thus begins every chapter of Starchaser: Priestess of the Night Sky. You are Kineto, the chosen girl for this year’s Starchasing Rites, a ceremony to bring peace to her small village. But when Kineto forgets the name of the sacred stars, she suddenly finds herself teleported into a dizzying 3D maze! Is this a dream, or is the Starchaser more than just a ceremonial title?


Starchaser invites you to try and find your way through over 75 unique and crafty puzzles, complete with gravity changes, topsy-turvy traps and adorable-yet-dangerous monsters. Everytime you think there might be a dead end, look for the checkerboard pattern: this signifies a new wall of gravitation that you can jump towards and get pulled onto!



Seriously, how crazy is that? It’s a great balance of judging when to jump and when to just stay on the course. The gravity fields of each panel only extend to a certain amount. Therefore, if you accidentally jump before you mean you, you might find yourself flung onto a completely different plane and need to start your problem solving again from the beginning. On the other hand, it can result in some really cool looking exits!



Don’t let the cute and confused protagonist fool you into thinking this’ll be an easy game. Starchaser starts out with some simple enough levels to get you used to the controls, but, before long, you’ll be flipping, diving and shooting in ways you never even thought possible. It will take you to task and deliver every bit of frustration and satisfaction of the best games.


Bonus fact: Starchaser supports 3D monitors! If you’ve got the extra hardware (or don’t mind playing with your eyes crossed) then you have access to a full, immersive experience as you explore the dungeons. Given the glass-like construct of the different levels, it really adds a whole new element to the game, and I highly recommend it if you have the technology. Just make sure to take breaks every so often, otherwise you’ll end up with an astronomical headache.



Starchaser is coming out soon on Playism and on Steam. Tell me that doesn’t look amazing!

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