Dungeons And Darkness: Future Horizons

Despite all the amazing deals of old and new titles last week, Playism Japan still saw a fantastic launch of Dungeons and Darkness, proving that a great title stands out no matter the condition. What we’ve been hearing back from our Japanese fans has been incredibly positive and now, more than ever, we’re excited that Dungeons and Darkness will be coming to the English side soon!


When Yamiuchi Project originally designed Dungeons and Darkness back in 2014, they developed it with the notion that this would be a great portable title. The original vision was to bring it to Android, then port it to iOS later. The game was then unveiled at Tokyo Game show in the indie area and, due to feedback from players attending, they made the switch to PC. From there they saw a sold-out early release at Winter Comiket 2014 and the hype continued to grow. Tokyo Indie Fest, BitSummit… everywhere they visited, Yamiuchi Project attracted more and more fans to their game in the making. Now it’s proudly sitting on the front page of Playism Japan, and the English version is on the horizon. Still, this isn’t the final form for Dungeons and Darkness: there is still a large plan to bring the game to other platforms in the future.


Original Android build, Dungeons and Darkness (2014)


Eventually, Yamiuchi Project hopes to make the original concept (on an Android tablet) come to life, along with an iDevice equivalent not too far behind. Although we have no idea exactly where Dungeons and Darkness will end up, we certainly hope that we could bring it to several platforms. The idea that Dungeons and Darkness could be enjoyed by almost anyone, regardless of platform, is something the devs seem really keen on. There has been a great push on the side of the console giants to get more and more indie games onto their machines, and it’s been met with a ton of support, support that’s finally seeing results in Japan. Personally, as much as I love my computer, the idea of more Japanese indie titles making it to consoles is very exciting. I know that PC gaming isn’t for everyone, and we’ve been trying to publish more and more titles onto consoles and handhelds.


Current PC build, Dungeons and Darkness (2015)


Where do you see yourself playing Dungeons and Darkness? Is this a keyboard and mouse experience for you all the way, playing on your battle station? Are you waiting to see if you can conquer the dungeons on a next generation console, posting videos and screenshots to the online network of your choice? Or is there another option you’re waiting for? Whatever the case, it’s clear: Dungeons and Darkness will be enthralling and is looming on the Western horizons, waiting to drop down and make its presence known in your gaming world!

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