Dungeons And Darkness: Creating Your Character

The initial reaction to Dungeons and Darkness has been astounding! In general, we have been very excited about bringing this game to Playism, and it’s absolutely re-affirming to hear fans and gamers chime in with their own positive vibes. This will definitely spur us into faster localization and also make sure that we have plenty of stuff to share as we continue forward!
Dungeons and Darkness has a lot behind it just in the first setup. Like all good dungeon crawlers, you don’t just get thrown in there as “the hero,” but you actually get to choose your class. Dungeons and Darkness has five different classes: Knight, Fighter, Mage, Rogue, and Commoner. Each class has something unique about them to navigate the depths. The fighter, for example, will level in a way that is more focused on sheer brute force, whereas the knight will be more invested in defense and HP. The Rogue will favor a bow and, naturally, develop more of a stealthy approach to the game (though no amount of stealth will help when the hordes run wild). The mage will gravitate more towards the spells you find in the dungeon (more on that soon) instead of the melee weapons. As for the commoner…well, every game has a difficulty class for when you want to challenge yourself, right?
Each stat will affect a certain amount of the game. Strength, obviously, increases the damage you do with both weapons and spells. Agility will help you cut down on the damage you take, but it also increases your speed of attack with melee and bow alike. Higher Intelligence means more magic casts, and Constitution (edit from Stamina) lends itself being able to run and attack more without cooling down. Your class also has a letter grade for each stat, which correlates to that stat increasing when leveling up. Your fighter will get the most strength per level, the rogue the most agility, and the commoner gets, well, nothing. Like I said, a challenge.
Don’t let the class system be construed as too confining, however: it only dictates how stats will be balanced as you level up. If you want to have a fighter who dual wields magic and a sword, go for it! If you think a rogue would do the best hiding behind a shield instead of the shadows, you can make that call. The random drops and choices you make will ultimately shape your hero into the force that will liberate the town and destroy all monsters.

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