Dragons In Flight! LiEat Has Launched!


LIEAT ($2.99)

From teaser gifs to cryptic lyrics, the wait is finally over: LiEat has launched on Steam!

This has been a labor of love for the Playism team, and one that’s taken a great team of people to work on it, from beginning to end, to make sure that it came onto Steam and PLAYISM in the best possible form. The launcher that we’ve crafted was build especially with Steam in mind, and all thirty of the achievements were designed from the play-testers point of view. Maybe some don’t make sense in review (who kills that many rats?) but they coincided with what felt natural as the game progressed.

And the Steam goodies! The wallpapers, badges, cards and emoticons were all taken from within the game and made by the crew of Playism/AGM, and the results are spectacular. The wallpapers fit the profile fantastically, the cards are a delight and every single emoticon can be dropped into chat as a wink and a nod. Afraid your friend doesn’t know if he’s being screwed with? Make sure a lie ends your sentence so he’s not totally convinced that you’re moving to Madagascar to become a zebra racer.

We hope that everyone can indulge and enjoy the amazing story of Efina and her “papa” from start to finish, whether it be for the very first time or just a merry return to the world of dragons and lies. Be sure to keep an eye out for the end credits, as well: all the wonderful sound people, translators and the localization team were added in, as we wanted to make sure they received the praise they deserve. Also, there might be a little extra after the credits for the intrepid fan who wants to see easter eggs!

Again, thank you all for the wait, and enjoy LiEat!

LIEAT ($2.99)

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