Detention out now on Playism!

Detention is now available on Playism, and is currently 50% off!
The purchase will come with both DRM-free and a Steam key!



What is Detention?

Detention is a horror game set in Taiwan’s 1960’s in a fictitious world. Developed by Taiwanese Indie Develeoper, Red Candle Games.
From today onwards, the Japanese version, which we have helped them create, has been released, and so we have also released the game on Playism.

The characters and the scenes express the unique elements of Taiwan, and therefore hits home for a lot of Taiwanese people. However, understanding Taiwanese culture isn’t required for the game, and can be fully enjoyed (or feared…) regardless of your background. The game is played with mostly just the mouse, so it is a simple yet cleverly prepared mystery.

The story starts with the exploration of a boy and a girl in Taiwan’s 60’s, where we explore the strange conflicts of the system. Please enjoy the fear in this game as the original music and realistic art fuse together to take your breath away (nearly literally).



  • A mysterious scenario to pull players in
  • 2D Horror Survival Adventure Game
  • Artwork reminiscent of the Taiwanese schools in the 1960s enhanced with traditional cultural elements of Taiwan
  • Original music and sound effects totaling over 40 minutes
  • Characteristic art and game system


Check out Detention on Playism now! 
Currently 50% off! 

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