D4 Gets Stable, Gets Touchy

Windows 10 has been quite the revolution in the PC and gaming scene. Besides the fact that it’s been adopted incredibly fast, the incentive of a free upgrade for Windows 7 or 8 users has enticed people to jump aboard even faster. Not to mention Windows 10 is very enthusiastic about getting gamers to integrate their playing with social networks, specifically within the XBox ecosphere, and has done what it can to be compatible with as many games as possible. Still, the fast adoption and wide berth of games meant there would be some casualties and, as several fans can attest, D4 ended up by the wayside.
Thankfully, the good folk at Access Games have heard the distress signals and have answered in a big way. Besides addressing the game-breaking bugs, they also added a little extra to your D4 experience: touch screen support! The navigation of D4 naturally lends itself to the touchscreen idea: you may remember that D4 was originally a Kinect based game, and, as such, relied on gestures to play. The mouse support for D4 has been top notch, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say how much I enjoy being able to navigate the game with a swipe and a tap. Not to mention I find my sync on events (especially the Zapateros fight) to be substantially more on point.


If you’re in attendance at PAX Prime this weekend, you can go see the touch-play goodness right at our Playism booth in the Indie Megabooth arena. If you’re stuck a world away from Seattle like I am, you can still enjoy the new and improved D4 immediately through either the full version or the demo on Playism, which have both been updated for touch support and Windows 10 stability. This way, if you’ve been on the fence about D4, you can see if this whole new play style might sway your opinion. Huzzah!
The patch for Dark Dreams Don’t Die is available now on Steam and on Playism. If you prefer to keep your games within the Valve playground, that should be automatically pushing out any second now. If you prefer your DRM-free version, don’t worry: your save file should be in your My Documents\My Games folder, safe and sound from a complete copy over. Either way, now is the time to Dive back in and hunt for D!

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