D4 Demo: Get your sync on!

The countdown is on! D4 drops in just a few short days, finally letting PC users experience the madness of David Young and his quest to find the mysterious D. But there are questions still, ones that can’t be answered by the game. Like, “can my PC run this game?” Or, “it sounds awesome, but is D4 really for me?” And, naturally, “Do I have to wait? Can’t I play it now?” Good news all around: the D4 demo is available and ready for you to test out immediately!

The demo allows you to step into the shoes of our protagonist in two very different places within the game: adventure mode and action mode. This lets you get a real feel of what to expect in D4 from all sides.

In adventure mode, get used to the controls and elements of D4 in the opening scenario, which takes place in David’s apartment. Use your investigative intuition to explore the living space in full: there are memories to activate, food to pick up and plenty of objects with which to interact. Help David get tequila into his system and fortune cookies off his table. All movements and choices depend on your “sync,” or how fluidly you move with the on-screen guidance. You’ll find plenty to do and start to understand the nuance and movements of D4.

Once you’ve finished exploring the story (I won’t give away all the things you can find!) then it’s on to action mode. Here, David finds himself embroiled with some hand-to-hand combat aboard a plane. If you’re familiar with the game, you know exactly how you’ve gotten here; if not, don’t worry, not knowing won’t take away from the fun. The fight scenes of D4 are a fast-paced series of reactions, trying to move, duck and grab as quickly as situations present themselves. Unlike traditional quick time events, this fight needs you to move around the screen to mimic David’s movements, and, if you’re not ready, you could find yourself getting beat-down in business class pretty quickly. Keep synchronized with David, move with speed and accuracy and you might just hit a home run…literally.

The demo may only be a taste, but it really gets you into the D4 vibe, including plenty of samples from the amazing soundtrack. At the cost of free, what have you got to lose? Download the demo now and get on the D4 hype train!

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