Croixleur Sigma’s PS4 Let’s Play Series!

Croixleur Sigma has officially launched on PS4, and the response has been fantastic! The words and reviews from players all over the world confirm that this is the definitive version of Croixleur. There’s a bit of everything for everyone. Massive replayability. Sweet combat combos. Adorable protagonists and accessories to customize them. And just that satisfying feeling of kicking the hell out of everything while wearing a skirt. Everyone should know that feeling. And if you don’t, step outside your comfort zone!
There are still folk out there who haven’t yet gotten into Croixleur Sigma, believe it or not. Maybe they’re waiting on the Vita version (coming soon!) or maybe they just aren’t yet convinced this is THE game for them. Well, if you’re one of the hesitant few, then allow me to persuade you the way that the Internet speaks to young people today: WITH A KICKASS LET’S PLAY SERIES!

Tune in to our four part Let’s Play and find out all about the trials, tribulations and adorable accessorization that comes with Croixleur Sigma and get on board! With only about 43 minutes of total footage, this Let’s Play series is basically a single episode of your favorite TV drama, but staring moe heroines. Which makes it better than most TV dramas out there.

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