Croixleur Sigma’s PS4 Launch: Delayed

Croixleur Sigma


The Playstation community is absolutely abuzz with anticipation of our next release, Croixleur Sigma! For those of you who were able to stop into Playstation Experience a couple weeks back, you got a chance to see the full extent of the overhaul, complete with new characters, new equipment and crisp, bright animations running at a full 60fps.


The Vita crowd has been incredibly patient and understanding in the news that our portable version will be delayed until sometime in 2016. Unfortunately, we must now ask that our PS4 crew take the same level of consideration as the console version has been delayed until after 2015.


Rest assured, this is not an issue of an incomplete game or some game-changing error: it’s merely trapped in QA. It takes an unforseeable amount of time to make sure that a game that’s being released in multiple regions adheres to all the guidelines set forth, and, to maintain quality control, there’s a lot of back-and-forth that is at the mercy of our time difference and everyone’s own schedules.


Repeat: this is only a minor delay. We were hoping to have it out before Christmas, but it looks like we’ll start the New Year with Croixleur instead. Thank you all for accepting this, and we’ll have the exact date for you as soon as possible!

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