Croixleur Sigma Physical Releases on Limited Run Games this Friday 26th!

Our next physical release with Limited Run Games has come! As we announced before, Croixleur Sigma is hitting Limited Run Games’ store this Friday 26th 10AM Eastern Time.


Check them out on the Limited Run Games Store Now!

Croixleur Sigma
PSVita / PS4


What is Croixleur Sigma?

Croixleur Sigma is a high speed hack-and-slash action following 4 different girls as they take the Adjuvant Trial, a ritual which decides whether the Knight or Aristocrat faction will hold military and political authority, and protect the Queen.

Each of the girls face this trial which holds heavy stakes for their realm, Ilance, as they fight through arena battles until they reach the top of the tower. There are various battle systems and you can mix and match 4 weapons to form your own playing style. The Story mode centers around the charming friendship of the girls and is fully voiced in Japanese. You can also play your heart out in Score Attack Mode, Challenge Mode and the weapon switching Dungeon Mode.


Croixleur Sigma
Physical Release on Limited Run Games
Price: $24.99
Store Page: PSVita / PS4
Playism Publishing Page



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