Croixleur Sigma At PlayStation Experience!

Californians! This is truly a great weekend. Not only is it Frankie Muniz’s birthday on Saturday, but this weekend is the annual Playstation Experience, a time when Sony calls one and all to see exactly what’s in store for their players. If you own a PS4 or a Vita, this is a perfect opportunity to see a plethora of games, both available now and on the horizon. If you haven’t yet bought a system, this may be the event that brings you to the Sony Side once and for all.

One thing that’s great is the Playstation Experience allows a lot of indie titles to get the exposure that normal marketing may not provide. I could list all the amazing games you’ll be seeing, but let’s cut to the chase: Croixleur Sigma will be at Playstation Experience. Yes, to play. For real. The high-speed, super cute brawler from souvenir circ. has been overhauled, expanded and, very soon, will be available for all to play on the PS4. If you absolutely cannot wait, and you’re near enough to San Francisco, this is your time!

If you’re already going, awesome! Be sure to head up to the second floor, booth #2160, and find our own Nayan Ramachandran there to greet you with a controller and a big hug (hug not guaranteed). Croixleur will be playable in full 60fps, 1080p glory, with the new characters added and ready for a test drive. If you haven’t yet bought tickets, you can pick them up here from the official Playstation website.

And if you don’t know exactly how amazing the updated Croixleur Sigma will be, take a look at the post that Nayan put up on the Playstation blog mere days ago. It showcases and addresses all the updates that separate this from the PC version.

See you there!

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