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We understand that gaming is a diverse and unpredictable atmosphere. I’d like to think that, between everyone here, we have a good feeling for all types of games, but you never can tell. No one could have predicted the meteoric rise of indie games in the mid 2000s . Everyone thought that smartphones would be for business and nothing more. The tides of gaming ebb and flow without warning, and it’s up to the fans, not the publishers, to decide where it will go next.

We want to give fans an opportunity to see where Playism is heading next. Some time ago, we reached out and asked about potentially localizing a visual novel, and the feedback we received was massive and greatly appreciated. It let us know that people are invested in what we bring to the table, and also like to give us honest opinions regarding our potential titles. If we can not bring games that our fans want, why bring them at all? Therefore, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at our next quest, and hear what you thought about this epic game. We present to you: Lost Technology.

Set in a wartime fantasy world, we’ve been playing this CONSTANTLY in the office, and with good reason. The combat and maps are similar to early strategy games, only much faster paced and seemingly more brutal. Troops dwindle under constant assault, and you can expect other factions to collaborate and bring the fight from all directions. A huge variety of races take part in this epic, expansive battle. Elves, Beastmen, Draconians and others all converge together in a show of military might … and deception.


The strongest aspect of Lost Technology is the artwork and the storyline. The sharp lines and strong design of the characters creates a tension that belies any cute or potentially “harmless” antagonists. The serious and dramatic drive of the plot is almost more engaging than the combat itself. Lost Technology is NOT for kids: there is violence, torture, sex and betrayal rife within the factions, and it all comes up in compelling cutscenes between combat. You will not see all the madness in a single play, either: running the campaign in the shoes of different races, against different races, will produce completely different scenarios each time.


We are absolutely planning to bring this game, fully translated, to Playism in the near future. Even still, we’re opening up the floor to the public to make their voices and opinions heard. The responses from fans will give us a general sense of what people think, and more detail than “I would/wouldn’t buy it” is always welcome. If you have some additional thoughts on what does or doesn’t appeal to you about Lost Technology, let us know! If you’d prefer to make it more / less personal, feel free to send us emails directly, Tweet, Facebook or even leave us a comment below. We’d really like the public to weigh in, and your words may be the hinge on which this game’s future swings.

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