Break Arts II Releases on February 9th!

Faster than anyone. Stronger than anyone. And more stunning.

After a nearly a year and a half of development, Playism and Mercury Studio are really excited to announce that Break Arts II is arriving on Steam on February 9th!


After its predecessor Break Arts: Cyber Battle Racing, Break Arts II brings in a variety of changes, upgrades and adaptions.

The biggest change from the previous game is the depth of the robot and weapon customization. Assemble your robot from multiple parts each with their own abilities, allowing for unlimited possibilities! There are also parts which unfold, come apart and revolve, so you can make your dream machine!

Customize your robot for Cyber Battle Racing, in a game that offers the thrill of racing, battling and customization.


Battle Racing

Not only can you race in Break Arts II, but break (destroy) your opponents who are ahead of you by making use of various equipment such as weapons, traps and more!



The real thrill of Break Arts II isn’t just racing, but the freedom to customize and build your own machines to show off to friends and opponents.


Break Arts II will be releasing on Steam in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) and Korean on February 9, 2018.


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Break Arts II 


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