Break Arts II out now on Steam & Playism

The time is finally here.
The long awaited and highly anticipated Break Arts II has released on Steam and Playism!


What is Break Arts II?

Japanese developer Mercury Studio mixes genres together to bring the highly anticipated Break Arts II. Customize your robot for Cyber Battle Racing, in a game that offers the thrill of racing, battle and customization.

After its predecessor Break Arts: Cyber Battle Racing, Break Arts II brings in a variety of changes, upgrades and adaptions.

The biggest change from the previous game is the depth of the robot and weapon customization. Assemble your robot from multiple parts each with their own abilities, allowing for unlimited possibilities! There are also parts which unfold, come apart and revolve, so you can make your dream machine!
◆ Battle Racing
Not only can you race in Break Arts II, but break (destroy) your opponents who are ahead of you by making use of various equipment such as weapons, traps and more!
◆ Customize
The real thrill of Break Arts II isn’t just racing, but the freedom to customize and build your own machines to show off to friends and opponents.


We’re ecstatic to finally release the game, but we still have more to share, including some provisos on the game, and detailing our plans for the future.


What is next?

First off, the two things you should know going into the game:

    1. Firstly, carrying over data from the demo into the final game.
      We imagine there are many people who would like to use the units they customized in the demo in the final release. After much deliberation we’ve decided to allow unit data to be carried over, provided their data load is over 8000, and their arm data load is less than 4000. We hope you’ll understand we had to draw lines somewhere in the name of game balance.
    2. Secondly, we want to discuss fan requests and bug reports.
      As a rule of thumb this information will filter through to us by way of Playism, who will be monitoring threads on Steam. The logistics of development make it far easier for us to address concerns if they are in one place.


Next, our plans going forward:

It almost goes without saying, but we’ll be holding a unit exhibition! We’ll be giving you the chance to flaunt your unit against other contest entrants sometime soon, so get customizing!

We also have an important update incoming.
Part of us wants to push ahead with expanding the game’s feature set, but before that we’re going adjust game balance to reflect what you wanted out of the beta.

Hopefully this update will be finalized for late February-early-March(-ish). We’ll resume weighing up how to proceed with post-launch feature expansion once the update is out, so leave a message on Steam’s discussion boards letting us know what you’d like to see.



Check out Break Arts II now!
Steam / Playism

Want more?
Check out the Break Arts II DevLogs


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