Greetings, artists!
We’re back to business this week and ready to provide you with a new developer update.

Around the end of last month, we were implementing the solo-play and online multiplayer interface, as well as some secret features.
The secret features are almost complete; lobby and room UI for online play is 80% complete; matchmaking is about half complete.

As this game will be on PC, we made it so a list of rooms are displayed, and the player can enter whichever room they please.
Unlike the smartphone, room settings can be applied to a certain extent.
We’re considering the possibility of handicaps applied to players based on their win-rate.
(Of course, you would be able to turn this feature ON/OFF.)
We’re hoping this would result in more of a challenge for experienced players while making things easier for beginners, but we shall see…

So far we have online multiplayer functionality working.
During April we will refine the core structure and from there hopefully be able to focus on adding more content (stages, modules, single play etc.)


For the module design competition, translation is still in progress.
We might need to receive competition entries from Japan first.
(This will not affect judgement of the winning places.)

Oh, we’re also selling merchandise! Apparently it can be ordered outside of Japan too.
We’re on a tight budget and your support really goes a long way.
Take a look here:


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